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Living Room Refresh, Living Room Makeover


Sometimes our spaces - homes, offices and meeting places - need an update. Whether it's making the space more functional, comfortable or aesthetically pleasing, de-cluttering, changing the layout and redecorating can help us love where we work, live and play.

Whether it's updating an existing space or creating a design and decorating plan for an empty home or office, I enjoy collaborating with my clients to create a beautiful and functional space.

I strive to create a space that is unique, inviting, useful and pleasing to the senses. My style preference is one that is fresh, light and airy with pops of colour.

I love colour, especially blue! I want my clients to love their surroundings, feel a new sense of comfort and have a space they love to spend time in.

Every project begins with a consultation and is typically a two hour onsite meeting. It gives us an opportunity

to discuss the scope of your project and answer any questions you may have, as well as offer some ideas

and suggestions.

Phase 1: The Consultation - $250 + HST 




*Phase 2: Research, Design & Presentation

*Phase 3: Project Implementation & Installation

(*price varies based on the size and scope of work)

Do you have a project in mind? Please contact me to arrange for a consultation. I would love to help!

Interior Design & Styling: Projects

Sample Project Ideas

Home - Your living area is worn down after a decade of kids playing in it and you're ready for a more adult look. I can help you select paint, flooring, furniture and accessories that will welcome your family and friends into your home for years to come.

Office Space - Your company is growing but your office space is limited. I can help you maximize workspace, meeting areas and storage so that you can meet your business's needs, your employees are comfortable and your clients are impressed.

Meeting Places - The common area of your religious building hasn't been changed in years, and you want to update the look so that you can rent it out for extra income. I can help you create a timeless look with durable furnishings and accessories so that the area will be suitable for a variety of purposes, be easy to clean and will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Interior Design & Styling: Projects
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