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Beyond the Pumpkin - Decorating Ideas for Fall and Thanksgiving

Transitioning your home into the fall season can be sad because it means summer is over, but it can also be a lot of fun working with the harvest colour palette! We tend to see richer, warmer colours in the fall such as deep reds, oranges and golds. These colours all occur naturally which means seasonal decorating doesn't need to cost a lot if you're on a tight budget.

Even though we won't be having large family gatherings for Thanksgiving this year, it's still nice to enjoy the comforts of home while being surrounded by things that make us happy.

Let's start with the front entrance. Simple touches like hanging a beautiful wreath on the door can make a big impact! Adding mum plants, pumpkins and gourds will also add some beautiful colour and texture. If your space allows, adding in some outdoor lanterns and/or garden lights will make your entryway feel warm and inviting.

Now moving inside, you don't need to go over the top! In the entryway, I like to add a simple fall sign to a wall just inside the doorway. Décor items such as pumpkins (real or fake), a strand of leaves and/or an indoor lantern can all be added onto the floor or your hall table. If you have a bench you may also choose to add a festive toss pillow (this can be an inexpensive item to change with the different seasons).

In the living room I like to change the throw on our main couch to a deep red, a cozy colour for fall and winter. Adding gourds, flowers and leaves in autumn colours to fireplace mantels, side and coffee tables can be inexpensive but make all the difference. Adding in apples, pears and mandarin oranges can also work well by adding that natural touch.

As we move to the dining room I would decorate the side boards and buffets similar to the coffee and side tables in the living room. I love to add loose leaves (fake) to the dining table and just sprinkle them around as if they've fallen there naturally. A simple centrepiece can be a decorative bowl full of apples, Jack-Be-Little pumpkins and fall leaves or a floral arrangement inside a larger pumpkin or vase. Add some candles to the dinner table, a fall coloured table cloth or place mats, festive napkins and you're set! Even if it's a small family affair, your home will feel cozy and festive.

For a more casual look: wood table with casual place mats and tealights.

For a more formal look: table cloth and candlesticks.

The powder room is small but shouldn't be forgotten. If you have shelves that allow for small décor items, you can add the loose leaves there as well. Maybe add a Jack-Be-Little pumpkin or a vase with seasonal flowers. I love the variety of colours and texture of dahlias!

Some people go all out in decorating their home, but not everyone has the space or the budget for that. Some simple touches and key additions to your home will create the warmth and coziness of the beautiful fall season.

If you have any questions or need help decorating for the fall or upcoming Christmas season, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to help!

I hope everyone remains healthy and safe!

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